Services offered


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Evaluations

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Evaluations

Chemical and Biological Exposure Assessments

Moisture Damage Evaluations

Bioaerosol Evaluations

Occupational Health and Safety Audits

Hazardous Chemical Compliance Monitoring

Formaldehyde Exposure Assessments

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Environmental/Occupational Risk Assessments


Asbestos Exposure Assessments

Legionella Evaluation/Control Strategies

Tuberculosis Transmission Prevention Strategies

Bloodborne Pathogen Program Development

Chemical Manufacturing Hazardous Exposure Assessments

Heat Stress Exposure Evaluations

Litigation Support

Expert Testimony

 Noise Surveys 


OSHA Compliance Monitoring

Hazardous Exposure Monitoring

Workers' Compensation Claim Investigations

Hazard Communication Program Development

Hazard Prevention Programs

Worklace Wellness Program Development

Mold Assessments

Industrial Hygiene Surveys

Environmental/Occupational Health Training

Mold Remediation Protocols

Mold Awareness Training

Health & Safety Training

Health Hazard Evaluation